Tightknit Service Level Agreement

Tightknit Service Level Agreement

Tightknit Service Level Agreement










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Jun 2, 2024

Jun 2, 2024

Jun 2, 2024

Enterprise Uptime SLA

This Service Level Agreement (the "SLA") is incorporated into and forms part of the Subscription Agreement between Tightknit.ai ("Tightknit") and Customer (the "Agreement"). The SLA applies to the Services provided by Tightknit for Enterprise Customers as specified in an Order Form during the applicable Subscription Term.

1. Uptime Commitment

Tightknit will provide Actual Availability for at least ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent (99.9%) of the total time in each calendar month during the Subscription Term, as measured by Tightknit (the "Uptime Commitment").

2. Service Credits

If the Uptime Commitment is not met during any calendar month of the Subscription Term, Customer will be eligible for a service credit ("Service Credit"), provided that Customer reports the failure to meet the Uptime Commitment and requests the Service Credit in accordance with this SLA. The Service Credit will be calculated as follows:

Actual Availability and Credit Percentage:

  • < 99.9% but ≥ 99.0%: 5%

  • < 99.0% but ≥ 98.0%: 10%

  • < 98.0% but ≥ 96.0%: 15%

  • < 96.0%: 20%

The Service Credit will be X * Y, where X = the total fees due from Customer to Tightknit for the affected Services for the relevant calendar month, and Y = the Credit Percentage corresponding to the Actual Availability provided for the relevant month.

3. Credit Requests and Payment

To request a Service Credit, Customer must send an email to Tightknit at [email protected] within thirty (30) days of the end of the month in which the Uptime Commitment was not met. Customer must include either its account ID or registered email address and the previously reported dates and times of the Service unavailability. If Tightknit confirms that Customer is eligible for a Service Credit, Tightknit will issue a credit to Customer's account within thirty (30) days. Service Credits are not refunds, cannot be exchanged for cash, and may only be used against future billing charges. Except as set forth in Section 4 below, the Service Credits shall be Customer's sole and exclusive remedy, and Tightknit's sole and exclusive liability, for any failure to meet the Uptime Commitment.

4. Definitions

All capitalized terms not defined in this SLA have the meanings set forth in the Agreement.

4.1 Scheduled Availability

"Scheduled Availability" means the time, in minutes, that the applicable Services are generally accessible and available to Customer's Permitted Users.

4.2 Unscheduled Downtime

"Unscheduled Downtime" means the time, in minutes, that the applicable Services are not accessible and available to Customer's Permitted Users, excluding inaccessibility due to Customer's or Permitted Users' actions, force majeure events, scheduled maintenance with at least 24 hours' notice, hacking or virus attacks, emergency maintenance, or other specific exclusions listed under SLA Exclusions.

4.3 Actual Availability

"Actual Availability" means Scheduled Availability less Unscheduled Downtime.

4.4 Production

"Production" is defined as a system serving live customer-facing or business systems with existing deployed and functional features. "Development", "Staging", "UAT", "pre-production" or new feature implementation, even if in a production environment, are not considered Production.

SLA Exclusions

General Service Exclusions

(i) Factors outside of our reasonable control, including force majeure events or Internet access issues beyond Tightknit's control. (ii) Voluntary actions or inactions from Customer. (iii) Instance class CPU and memory resource limitations. (iv) Non-compliance with operational guidelines described in our documentation. (v) Long recovery times due to insufficient IO capacity for your workload. (vi) Issues caused by Customer's equipment, software, or other technology. (vii) Suspension and termination of your right to use Tightknit in accordance with our Terms.


Tightknit provides Support Service Level Agreements for our Team and Enterprise customers.

1. Urgent

Critical Issue: Full or partial system outage or a condition making Tightknit unusable or unavailable in production for all of Customer's Users.

2. High

Significant Business Disruption: Major functionality impacted and significant performance degradation experienced. Affects a significant proportion of the user base and/or major Tightknit functionality.

3. Normal

Minor Feature or Functional Issue / General Question: A component of Tightknit not performing as expected or documented. General technical inquiries.

4. Low

Minor Issue / Feature Request: Information requests or feature requests about Tightknit.

Target Response Times

Severity Level 1: Urgent

  • Founder: 24 hours 24/7 x 365

  • Team: 6 hours 24/7 x 365

  • Enterprise: 3 hours 24/7 x 365

Severity Level 2: High

  • Founder: 1 business day

  • Team: 6 business hours

  • Enterprise: 6 hours 24/7 x 365

Severity Level 3: Normal

  • Founder: 1 business day

  • Team: 1 business day

  • Enterprise: 24 hours 24/7 x 365

Severity Level 4: Low

  • Founder: 2 business days

  • Team: 2 business days

  • Enterprise: 1 business day

Business hours are from 7am to 7pm (local time), except where otherwise stated.

This SLA represents Tightknit's commitment to providing a reliable and responsive service to our customers. Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact our support team at [email protected].